Balanda Amethyst Stud Earrings

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Attract spiritual wisdom into your life with our simple sweet Amethyst studs. 

Amethyst known as the "all purpose stone", is said to be incredibly protective and purifying, a stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety.  It can help rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. 
Amethyst is a semiprecious stone with a vitreous or glassy luster.
  • Handmade
  • Size: approx. 1.2cm*1.8cm
  • Material: faceted Amethyst, Copper
  • Colour: different screens alter colours slightly. 
  • Also available in Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite 

'Balanda' means 'long ago, in the beginning' in the Wiradjuri language. The Wiradjuri people, the First Nations People and also the largest Aboriginal group in central New South Wales. 

Gemstones are a natural material, each stone varies slightly in colour and shape, making each of our handmade earrings beautiful and unique.